April 2024

Michaelangelo’s to Update Environmental Protections
April 29, 2024: News12 Bronx
NYC’s Department of Environmental Protections is issuing new requirements for restaurants with coal or wood fire stoves to use devices that control carbon emissions. Michaelangelo’s of Arthur Avenue will be working hard to ensure they keep the distinct taste customers love while complying with the new rules. Watch here.

Craving Mario’s Pizza at the White House Dinner?  
April 27, 2024: CNN International
Even while at the White House dinner, correspondents can’t wait to get back to Bronx Little Italy for Mario’s Restaurant to have their pizza. Watch here.

High Praise for Dominick’s Restaurant
April 27, 2024: WOR-AM
Dominick’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue gets a special shout-out for their amazing food and expansive menu of Italian dishes you’re hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Listen here.

Mario’s Restaurant in NYT “7 Rapid-Fire Restaurant Questions from Readers”
April 18, 2024: New York Times
NYT “Where to Eat” column doesn’t hesitate to name Mario’s Restaurant as a go-to spot for a special occasion on Arthur Avenue. Read more here.

Can You Save Money While Enjoying a Bottle of Wine? San Gennaro Says Yes
April 12, 2024: News 12 Long Island
Chef-Owner Gennaro Martinelli of Arthur Avenue’s San Gennaro gives some insider tips on how to enjoy a dinner out while saving some money. Watch here.

Take a “Road Trip Close to Home” with Peter’s Meat Market, La Casa Grande Cigars & Mike’s Deli
April 11, 2024: News 12 Bronx
Every store has a story! Peer behind the scenes with Peter’s Meat Market, La Casa Grande Cigars and Mike’s Deli at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. Watch here.

Arthur Avenue Retail Market is the “Best the Bronx Has to Offer”
April 10, 2024: YES Network
The Bronx Beat features the amazing business owners and offerings of the renowned Arthur Avenue Retail Market. Watch here.

Add The Neapolitan Trattoria San Gennaro To The Zoo And Botanical Gardens As A Reason To Go To The Bronx
April 8, 2024: Forbes.com
Chef-Owner Gennaro Martinelli of Arthur Avenue’s San Gennaro is all about quality, creativity, and aesthetics, from his unique Italian dishes to the decor of his intimate restaurant. Read more here.


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