My Arthur Avenue Commercial

The Belmont BID is thrilled to share our “My Arthur Avenue” commercial. Taking on the assignment of capturing the spirit and essence of the neighborhood and exhibiting it into a 30 second commercial was not an easy undertaking, however after months of working closely with our production company we are pleased with the final outcome. The commercial successfully exemplifies the idea of developing a personal relationship with the neighborhood and its vibrant sense of community.
The BID decided to have a commercial produced in order to expand awareness of the neighborhood, attract more visitors and customers, and promote the designation of Arthur Avenue as one of the “Great Street of America.” The commercial presents daily life in the neighborhood, in the manner of depicting the hustle and bustle of shoppers seeking extraordinary products, behind-the-scenes footage of merchants and their artisanal goods, and of course, customers enjoying Italian delicacies. The intention was to not name businesses, but rather keep viewers focused on the sensation and experience of what the neighborhood offers.

My Arthur Avenue

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