January 2024

Super Spots for Super Bowl Eats in Bronx Little Italy
January 24, 2024: CitiTourNY
Clinton Hall, Tino’s Deli, Mike’s Deli and Artuso Pastry Shop are featured as prime places to score Super Bowl eats. Read here.

Borgatti’s Pasta Ships Nationwide
January 24, 2024: News 12 Bronx
Bronx Little Italy’s beloved Borgatti’s is now shipping their homemade gourmet pasta nationwide. Watch here.

Craving Cookies? Head to Artuso Pastry
January 23, 2024: SecretNYC
Artuso Pastry shop rounds out SecretNYC’s list of the best places to find cookies in the city. Read here.

Super Bowl Food Specials Bronx Little Italy
January 23, 2024: SecretNYC
SecretNYC highlighted Mike’s Deli and Artuso Pastry as NYC favorites for Super Bowl food specials. Football cake, anyone? Read here.

New York Tourists Encouraged to Visit Bronx Little Italy
January 15, 2024: The Travel
The Travel highlights New York attractions that tourists new to the city may not know about. Bronx Little Italy reigns at number four, with shout-outs to the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, delicious Italian restaurants, and surrounding things to do. Read here.

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