March 2024

Easter Offerings at Madonia Bakery and Gino’s Pastry Shop
March 31, 2024: RAI News
It is always a pleasure for Bronx Little Italy to be featured on Italian news. Watch interviews with Madonia Bakery and Gino’s Pastry Shop about their Easter offerings here (starts at 23:37).

Easter on Arthur Avenue, Featuring Addeo & Sons Bakery and Mike’s Deli
March 28, 2024: News 12 Bronx
Did you know there are special Italian treats served just for Easter? Learn about the offerings served during Holy Week by Addeo Bakery and Mike’s Deli. Watch here and here.

NYC’s Greatest Old-School Italian Restaurants, From Oldest To Newest
March 26, 2024: The Infatuation
Tra Di Noi rounds out this list of restaurants that ensures you have a great Italian restaurant to visit anywhere in the city. Read here.

An Imaginative Bronx Tale
March 26, 2024: Westfair Business Journal
The NY Botanical Garden’s annual Orchid Show is a hit, and Zero Otto Nove is the perfect place to have a meal afterwards. Read here.

Savor a Day Trip to New York’s Bronx Little Italy
March 25, 2024: DiscoverNEPA
Plan your day trip to the “foodie’s paradise” that is Bronx Little Italy. Read here.

Where to Find Specialty Easter Offerings in Bronx Little Italy
March 23, 2024: We the Italians
Take care of all your Easter meal shopping needs from this curated guide to Holy Week offerings in Bronx Little Italy. Read here.

Artuso Pastry Shop Celebrates St. Joseph’s Day 
March 20, 2024: WCBS-TV
As Natalia Corridori of Artuso Pastry Shop says, “Italians like to eat, period.” See their zeppole and sfingi on offer specially for St. Joseph’s Day. Watch here.

Gino’s Pastry Shop Celebrates St. Joseph’s Day
March 19, 2024: News12 Bronx
Bronx Little Italy’s own Gino’s Pastry Shop showcases their delicious treats on offer for St. Joseph’s day. Watch here.

Happy St. Joseph’s Day!
March 19, 2024: Good Day New York
Good Day New York heads to Bronx Little Italy to sample the delectable cannoli and sfingi pastries offered by Artuso, Madonia, and Egidio Pastry Shops. Watch the delightful interviews here, here, and here.

Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day With Specialty Pastries From The Bronx’s Little Italy Bakeries
March 18, 2024: Forbes
Learn all about the history of St. Joseph’s Day in Italy, and crave all the amazing pastries offered specifically for this day by The Bronx Little Italy bakeries. Read here.

Reflecting on Four Years Since Lockdown on Arthur Avenue
March 15, 2024: News12 Bronx
It is hard to believe that it has been four years since lockdown began due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small businesses endured immense challenges and had to adapt to stay open, and those on Arthur Ave were no exception. Renowned restaurant Mario’s closed for 4 months and opened outdoor dining for the first time in 2020. Hear their reflections on how business has changed since then. Watch here.

Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day in the Bronx’s Little Italy
March 14, 2024: BronxMama
As this article explains, “The Feast of St. Joseph, or La Festa di San Giuseppe, is celebrated annually on March 19th to honor the husband of the Virgin Mary and earthly father to Jesus. It is also the day in which Italy celebrates Father’s Day as St. Joseph is well known as the patron saint of fathers.”  The beloved pastry shops in Bronx Little Italy are offering zeppole and sfingi as St. Joseph’s Day celebratory treats. Visit Artuso, Egidio, Delillo, Gino’s and Morrone Pastry Shop today! Read here.

Ignite Your Cravings at Burning Beaks!
March 13, 2024: The Fordham Ram
Burning Beaks is a hot new restaurant on Arthur Ave, serving savory chicken dishes and proudly family-owned.

NYC Hidden Gems: No Fork Brings a Taste of Kosovo to Bronx’s Little Italy
March 13, 2024: NY Daily News
Ever think you could get a taste of Kosovo in Italy? That’s a reality when you dine at No Fork in Bronx Little Italy. Read more about their flavorful offerings here.

Bronx Little Italy Pastry Shops Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with Feast Day Pastries
March 13, 2024: We the Italians
St. Joseph’s Day is on March 19 this year, and Bronx Little Italy’s pastry shops are celebrating the food traditions of offering delicious zeppole and sfingi. Mark your maps and try all the Italian flavors! Read here.

Belmont: A Great Place to Live
March 8, 2024:
Belmont, aptly described an “old-school neighborhood that’s home to Italian food mecca Arthur Avenue,” is a great place to search for a home. See more information and contact agents here.

Ivana’s Pizzeria in the Bronx: We Tried Everything But The Pizza
March 8, 2024: New York Street Food
Serving much more than pizza, Ivana’s calzones, sandwiches and pastas also come highly rated. As the writer says, “Their portions are generous, the atmosphere is friendly, and the food tastes like coming home.” Read here.

“What’s Up New York” Arthur Avenue Special
March 7, 2024: NY2C
NY2C presents a dazzling feature-length Arthur Avenue Special of “What’s Up New York” featuring Joe’s Italian Deli, Artuso Pastry Shop, Arthur Avenue Retail Market, and Enzo’s Restaurant. Watch here.

Roberto’s In The Bronx’s Little Italy Serves A Personalized Menu Of Dishes From Salerno
March 2, 2024: Forbes Magazine
Forbes praises that “Robert Paciullo’s namesake trattoria brought an attention to the neighborhood at the beginning of this century that it had long lacked.” With unique and varying dishes, a wide-ranging wine list, a rustic and intimate aesthetic, and notable clientele from athletes to actors, Paciullo has worked hard to bring his talent and heritage to Arthur Avenue. Read more here.

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